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FREE Blue Mountains Glow Worm Tunnel Guide

Detailed maps and driving directions to reach the remote Glow Worm Tunnel safely.

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FREE Glow Worm Tunnel PDF guide

The Blue Mountains Glow Worm Tunnel is located on the Newnes Plateau behind Lithgow. This new FREE guide has maps and directions to help you navigate the dirt roads and reach the tunnel with peace of mind. Walking and access information for the tunnel is also provided accompanied beautiful colour photography.

Contents in this guide is taken from the larger, comprehensive Blue mountains Glow Worm Discovery Guidebook. The larger guidebook showcases NEW, easily accessible Glow Worm colonies that are located near Katoomba and Bilpin. Unlike the Glow Worm Tunnel, these new Glow Worm Colonies can be easily accessed by 2WD and don't require long trips to remote locations.

Don't have your own vehicle? The Blue Mountains Glow Worm Discovery Guidebook even includes 2 new Glow Worm colonies that are accessible by public transport!

Feel free to download and check out the content in our sample PDF Glow Worm Tunnel Guide before buying the full discovery guidebook.

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